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Welcome to our Community Radio and Podcasting Training Programme, designed specifically for adult learners from diverse backgrounds, including migrants, refugees, individuals with disabilities, and those seeking to enhance their skills in community broadcasting.

About the Programme

Our programme is a gateway to the world of community radio and podcasting, offering vital skills to those from disadvantaged backgrounds or with less education. It's also perfect for individuals looking to upskill in this dynamic field.

What does the Training programme offer?

Structured into six engaging modules, our programme covers everything from the basics of community broadcasting to advanced topics like funding and sustainability. Each module offers a set of digital badges - recognisable, electronic tokens of achievement that you can display on your resume or social media profiles. These badges are not just symbols; they represent your newly acquired skills and knowledge, making you a more attractive candidate in the job market or community initiatives.

Benefits of Digital Badges

Digital badges are a modern way of showcasing your achievements. They validate your learning, can be shared easily online, and offer a competitive edge in career and community pursuits.

How to access the Digital Badges on offer?

Earn these badges by completing the relevant module and passing the corresponding assessments. Each badge reflects a specific skill set within the module, offering a tailored learning experience.

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