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“Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another's uniqueness.”
- Ola Joseph

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Together, we can create a more inclusive and engaged society where everyone's voice matters.

The COMM UNITY project aims to amplify these voices through the power of community radio. As a community-driven and community-owned platform, community radio enables marginalized groups to express themselves and acquire new skills.

“Radio has the power to bring people together, create shared experiences, and foster a sense of community like no other medium.”
- Unknown

The innovation potential of start-ups by migrants / ethnic minority background founders and their potential impact on many areas of economic, social, and cultural life in Europe are undisputed. Unfortunately, this also still applies to the challenges, structural barriers and intercultural hurdles experienced not only by refugees but also by second or even third-generation descendants of migrants and people with an ethnic minority background.

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Project Activities


COMM UNITY inclusion training programme teaching skills incommunication, storytelling,digital broadcasting(communityradio & podcasting), marketingskills, inclusion skills, diversity as avalue, community wellbeing,democracy &human rights foradult educators & communityradios to adopt and use to educatediverse adult learners.


Recognize & reward our learnerswith secure, portable, &shareable digital credentials.

Create skills-based credentialsystems that connect learners tonew opportunities.


Build the capacity of 12 community radio teams and adult educators to integrate our COMM UNITY content into taught programmes & placements.

It will be accompanied by the COMM UNITY PLACEMENTS GUIDE–a framework for adult educators & community radios to apply the learning from the learning programme.

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