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Community radio broadcasts are an integral part of the community itself. There are two protagonists in evening dress who lead the background of the radio broadcast: Voice and Tonality.

These last are directly proportional to the construction of the two main objectives of the COMM UNITY project: fueling impact and involvement.The very existence of community radio shapes a dimension of belonging which, in turn, establishes a structure of amplified and very different voices in order to contribute to the overall social benefit.The community radio, being a non-profit organization, is not only managed by the community itself but serves the interests of this last one to give a voice to those who have had this voice stolen, hidden and thrown into the darkness of silence.Each radio channel is different from the other precisely because each community differs from all the others with its salient characteristics and peculiarities; however, they must all have main connotations: ensure the narration of all the voices of the community, transmit and narrate local and sporting news and events, contribute to the demolition of all cultural barriers. But what is inside and behind a community radio broadcast?

On Olympus the promotion of a sense of belonging dominates, transmitting and telling one's story helps not only to raise awareness but also to encourage the Other to share theirs. The strengthening of social ties, the empowerment of the individual, civic involvement in the community, including diversified and vulnerable groups, are the solid foundations on which the project stands.The protection of cultural and linguistic diversity promotes freedom of expression and information which are the mother goddesses of the project itself. It is a project that bears the initials of the splendid nymph of Greek mythology: the Sorceress Circe:

  • Communication
  • Inform
  • Responsibility
  • Community engagement
  • Educate

And it will certainly not be a coincidence that these imperatives "enchant" to the point of establishing a true microcosm which not only favors freedom of opinion and promotes inclusion, but also offers a warm canopy in which to offer training and support. The double-edged weapon of the broadcast also lies in the power to instill non-formal education, precisely because through the broadcast itself, an ocean of cultural, experiential and participatory information comes to life which represents the pillars of our project.

Micol Allegra Terrasi

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